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This demo is about data storage options and using ThawSpaces with Deep Freeze. How do you provide data storage options to users on machines protected . ThawSpace. Existing ThawSpace. A ThawSpace can be created on a drive that is configured to be Frozen or Thawed. To create a single ThawSpace or. I heard that you have to make a virtual thawspace to save your date without it being annuled. Can comebody give me the documentation on.

The thawspace is another name for the T: drive on the computers in the library's computer lab. Items saved on the T: drive do not get deleted. How can I create this thawspace on the desktop without jeopardizing the reinstall of the software on the client side to setup the ThawSpace. This location can be either a ThawSpace created by Deep Freeze or a physical partition which is not Frozen by Deep Freeze. Creating a.

Symptoms. On Apple workstations running Microsoft Windows through Boot Camp the Storage Space / ThawSpaces may not mount on the. Faronics Deep Freeze uses ThawSpaces as virtual containers for critical files. A deleted ThawSpace can be recovered by our data recovery. FARONICS DEEP FREEZE MAC Manual Online: Adding A User Thawspace, Removing A User Or Global Thawspace. To Create A ThawSpace For A Particular.