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Odin axe download

Posted On08.09.2018 Goltill 0

Odin axe

Odin Technology are providers of software that makes test automation easier, The Axe Enterprise Test Automation Platform provides a solution to these. Axe introduces a new class of product, the Enterprise Test Automation Platform. Providing a simple table based test design interface for non-technical testers. Odin Axe platform. In rapidly changing business and technical environments it is crucial to be agile and deliver business benefits fast. In these scenarios.

Where test automation tools have in the past been a worthy aspiration but never fulfilled their promise, Odin have created the Axe platform, which consistently. Axe is a test automation platform that greatly increases productivity and drastically reduces maintenance overheads for test automation. It uses simple Microsoft. Operating for over a decade, Odin are industry experts in the design, development The Axe Test Automation platform is proven to be faster in implementation.

Welcome to the Axe support centre, with information and resources to help you quickly resolve any queries you have regarding the Axe test automation platform. The Odin Technology® Axe launcher allows interfacing with Odin Axe compiled scripts. This allows the transportation of the executable scripts and does not.