Your twitter data download

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Your twitter data

Reviewing your Twitter data can give you insights into the type of information stored for your account. It provides an easy way for you to view details about your . Downloading your Twitter archive to allows you to browse a snapshot of your Twitter click the Download archive button under the Download your data section. This article gives you an overview of the Twitter activity dashboard, including how to access it, Click into an individual Tweet to see specific data for that Tweet.

Twitter uses this data to personalize your experience. This web browsing history will never be stored with your name, email, or phone number. Learn more. It's easy to see all of the data Twitter has on you. Here's a look at what Twitter knows about me and how to download your own files. To access your archive, head over to Twitter Settings, click on the “Your Twitter Data” tab on the left-hand column, and scroll down to “Twitter.

With over million monthly active users, Twitter continues to be a rich and vast resource for data on the Web. Twitter provides direct access. Downloading your Twitter archive allows you to see your very first Tweet and browse through all of your past Twitter information up to this very. The purpose of this blog post is to describe the options for getting Twitter data for academic research in the hopes of lowering at least that initial.