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Egg Drop Contest Rules

Rules for the Egg Drop Contest: 1. The device must be able to protect an egg from breaking after falling at least one story. If your egg survives, you will move on to the next round which is one story higher - up to nine (9) stories. Contestants must be able to remove the egg without damage. A maximum of 30 seconds will be allowed to place the egg in the container and remove it to examine for any cracks/breaks. MATERIALS: Any material may be used in the design, as long as the structure meets the design and contest rules as outlined below. Challenge. Participants will design and build an apparatus that will protect an egg from breaking as it freefalls from a height of approximately 11 feet. This is an individual event, but each institution may have enter up to two Egg Drop apparatus.

Six Flags America Egg Drop Design Contest To find out how you and your school can enter this exciting contest, read the rules and suggestions that follow. General Rules of Competition: same principle that is used in bicycle helmets can be used in creating a device to protect an egg in the egg drop experiment. The Egg Drop Challenge is a test of creativity and the most accurate landing on the Drop Zone target (see equation at the end of the rules.).

RULES FOR THE EGG DROP CONTEST. Object: To design a much needed egg transport vehicle (ETV) to convey uncooked eggs through a vertical height of. during the fall will receive an award and a Karcher Mall $50 gift certificate. Rules for the Egg Drop Contest: The device must be able to protect. Egg Drop Physics Olympics Do Ahead Event THE PROBLEM: You are to design and construct a container for an egg, which will be dropped from the Bell. Naked Egg Drop Activity—Naked Egg Drop Rules and Score Sheet All materials in the egg catcher must be secured to the structure (see Competition Rule 2).