E-girls colorful land download

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E-girls colorful land

E-girls Tours Chronology. TIME TV-CM and "E-girls LIVE TOUR "COLORFUL LAND" in Budokan" Digest Movie. The concert in Nippon Bukodan was later released as part of the Blu-ray and DVD editions of the group's third album E.G. E-girls LIVE TOUR "COLORFUL WORLD" is the second concert tour of E- girls. The tour started in E-girls LIVE TOUR "COLORFUL LAND" (). 년 6월 28일 Diamond Only (/2/26) E-girls - Diamond Only @ COLORFUL LAND LIVE TOUR.

년 7월 17일 E-girls 교복 Dance kayhartsupplies.com Erie @ Colorful Land Live Tour E-girls LIVE TOUR "COLORFUL LAND" is the first concert tour of E-girls. The tour it's scheduled to start in July 18, in Kobe and to finish in August 12, . E-girls are a Japanese collective girl group . promote the record, E-girls commenced their first national tour between July and August, titled "Colorful Land ".

EXILE's Female Dance and Vocal Unit E-girls' 1st Concert Tour took place this past summer, 6 dates at different Arenas around Japan.