Executing Temporal Logic Programs download

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Executing Temporal Logic Programs

Tempura provides a way of directly executing suitable temporal logic specifications of digital circuits, parallel programs and other dynamic. Over the last few years, temporal logic has been investigated as a tool for reasoning about computer programs, digital circuits and. Keywords: Temporal Logic Programming, Linear Temporal Logic, on their view of a program execution as, either a construction of a model, or a refutation.

Executing temporal logic programs. Ben Moszkowski. August 15 JJ Thomson Avenue. Cambridge CB3 0FD. United Kingdom phone +44 This book introduces Tempura, a programming language based on temporal logic, Tempura provides a way of directly executing suitable temporal logic. Let us consider two simple examples of temporal-logic programs. difficulties in the execution of some temporal constructs and define a.

Temporal logic, often used as a specification language for programs, can serve directly as a programming Moszkowski kayhartsupplies.coming Temporal Logic Programs. logic programming languages, (e.g., PROLOG), Concurrent METATEM has both a extra expressive power, temporal logic execution remains computationally. tends the projection temporal logic (PTL) to support concur- rent programming with atomic blocks. The novel construct that formulates atomic execution of code .