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You will need to author a Dual Layer DVD+R w/ all the files from your v NAV DVD & replace the v w/ the v in. you can buy fix file from here. The link here to the I have burned to a standard dvd and put it into the dvd reader in car, turned off ignition and turned it back on. – Analyzing (patching?) the Denso Navigation firmware I purchased a used Lexus not terribly long ago with Factory navigation. Hi! I have a Corolla G Japanese. It's showing Insert Map Disc. Please can anyone send me a working link for file for NDCN w54 or. I've done a ton of reading on the forums here about installing a file from a rev that can disable lockout. I am willing to try it but can't.

However there's a way to get this functionality back by burning a new DVD with all the files from the v DVD except the file for which you use the . I have this car Stereo and GPS that asking for correct map disk. After downloading the suggested and burning it on the disc the. 1) download this file here 2)Unpack the file called 3)Burn that file to an empty DVD. Although the file is too small you have to use.