Reflexology charts download

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Reflexology charts

Foot reflexology chart in different styles, that illustrate the acupressure points / reflex zones on the feet soles and their link to organs. This implicates that in general hand reflexology & foot reflexology can be recognized to represent massage techniques that are quite similar to the reflex points & techniques used in acupressure (and the philosophy behind acupuncture). Acupressure Points in a Hand/Foot Reflexology. Learning reflexology is really very simple and the following information, along with the many free reflexology charts below, will help get you on  Free Reflexology Charts - Reflex Points Charts for - Reflex Zones Charts and Info.

Download for FREE ⚡ the 5 Best FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Charts ✅ to learn how to apply massage! Learn the Reflex areas with colours and in. A foot reflexology chart plays an essential role to understand the foot reflex points . Download our free foot reflexology charts & maps! Foot Reflexology Charts - Foot Reflexology Maps - How Do you Feel During. How to Get Reflexology Charts. Reflexology charts, or maps, show the reflex points in the feet, hands, face and ears that correspond to your organs and other .

foot reflexology chart foot massage foot pain foot massage2 The Foot Spa - Great chart. Official British School of Reflexology Charts by Ann Gillanders. Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body. For those carrying out such treatments, the use of Reflexology Charts is always recommended. These charts contain information regarding the different reflex.