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Ranlib mac

Two possibilities that come to mind are (1) always put some symbol in the library, even if it is a zero-length object. (2) provide wrappers in the. Solution for that is provided here. Make sure that you pass the flags to ranlib rather than the compiler per se. share|improve this answer. ranlib adds or updates object files in a static library. Linkers can use static libraries when linking in order to provide symbols that the code.

56%] Linking C static library libunbound.a /Applications/ Developer/Toolchains/kayhartsupplies.comchain/usr/bin/ranlib. Libtoolers, We encountered a difference in ranlib behavior on Mac OS X that caused a linking error. By default, Mac OS X ranlib does not put. Compiling, installing and using AntTweakBar on Mac OS X, as a static ar(1) will not be able to operate on it ranlib: for architecture: i file.

Hi. Running Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) When running ranlib, I sometimes get error msgs saying that a particular library entry has no. When building a static library on a Mac OS X host, running gcc has no symbols /opt/local/bin/ranlib: file: libpolarssl.a(md4.o) has no. Mac: libtool -static instead of ar + ranlib. Is there a way to use libtool -static instead of ar + ranlib? I'm running into some situations where ar +. /Applications/ xctoolchain/usr/bin/ranlib: