Pmp math formulas download

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Pmp math formulas

Master of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed. 1. Madison Ave, New York. PMP Quick Reference. Guide for Math Formulas. PMP Math Answers. A. $0 – Schedule Variance = Earned Value – Planned Value, or SV = EV – PV. A. – Cost Performance Index = CPI = EV/AC. D. $ million – The variance is expected to go away, so use the formula AC + BAC – EV = $K + $1 million – $K = $ million. PMP credential examination, this article can help you a lot. As you prepare for the examination, you need to know the frequent use of important.

25 Jul - 15 min - Uploaded by PMC Lounge There are actually a total of 16 formula not PMP Formula Cheat Sheet - All the Are you preparing for PMP certification exam? If yes, there are some significant subject areas you should focus upon. PMP formulas are very. PERT. (P + 4M + O)/ 6 Pessimistic, Most Likely, Optimistic. 2. Standard Deviation. (P - O) / 6. 3. Variance. [(P - O)/6 ]squared. 4. Float or Slack. LS-ES and LF-EF.

Math formula's needed for the PMP exam Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.