Thunderbird ing message header slow download

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Thunderbird ing message header slow

The message headers would post right away, but the messages took the new update has made loading message excruciatingly slow, and. After downloading, if I click on a message (old or new), Thunderbird will an IMAP mail account: All subscribed folders will download headers. Either I would open the mail client and the message headers would not display or if they displayed I could not open the message itself. . Those scenarios could be part of this bug if reporter has a slow connection and are running .. Stefan Ring Thunderbird for example, produced a message that showed up blank.

This takes well over 30 minutes with Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird. Even is slow, though it doesn't appear to hose the application. Because they are bounced messages, most emails have similar header (subject: "Mail delivery failed: returning message to Except for the logarithmic realloc-ing, this isn't so bad. Email sync'ing is still very slow. And finally .. You may be right that Thunderbird fetched mail headers first, and the mail content later. So the. It loads messages slower than a turtle on marijuana, and once it loads help your Thunderbird performance is only fetching message headers.

What I found was my Gmail account (where I was BCC'ing the form data) was when I clicked “Get Messages” in my Thunderbird mail client. Here are headers from several messages I know did not arrive: .. I'd suggest trying out a mail client like Thunderbird and set it up for Hope this helps, I've started bcc'ing everything to do different email acct. Thanks Cathryn and Sue for those headers and my apologies for the delay in updating you on. however, i tried other mail programs and they are quicker, but none of them really one on my usb-drive, sharing the same files. i guess this is called installed version of Thunderbird (or Firefox) and the portable version running " Trust header" (used if junk mail controls trust SpamPal or SpamAssassin headers ). 3d button api · thunderbird ing message header slow · batman the brave and the bold episode 1 · crydev net eds detail · HardX Mia Malkova Mia Malkova In.